How it Works

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Get Registered

Get started by getting registered for just $39.00! After filling out our online form  and making your payment you’ll have access to our proprietary online course.

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Get Educated

You’ll have 60 days to work your way through our online course and successfully complete the competency test to get your I Rent It Right™ certificate.

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Get Listed

Armed with your I Rent It Right™ certificate, you’ll get listed on our Landlord Registry™ for three years, where renters can find responsible landlords to rent from.

About the Landlord Registry™

Upping industry standards

We’re proud to introduce you to the Landlord Registry™, an innovative new tool that advances the level of professionalism in BC’s rental housing industry.

Landlords of any size can register with the Landlord Registry™, enrolling you in our proprietary online program that will get you up to speed on the Residential Tenancy Act. Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive your I Rent It Right™ certificate and get listed on the Landlord Registry™ where renters can find responsible landlords.

About LandlordBC

Making life as a landlord easier

We’re a non-profit association and BC’s one-stop resource for owners and managers of rental housing—and the largest professional rental housing industry association in the province, over 3,300 members strong. With members-only education, resources and support, we’re here to make your life as a landlord or property manager a little easier. We strive to balance your rights with the tenant’s rights to access safe, stable housing with innovative tools like the Landlord Registry™.